We would like the Schauspielhaus Graz to be a place of communication and experiences for as many people as possible. This requires the use of more than one language. With the beginning of the 2023/24 season, we are setting out to offer selected productions in English. Step by step, we would like to expand this offer by adding other languages. And that is only the beginning. In the course of the next months we will offer more English content here.

Sonne / Luft (Sun / Air)

Austrian premiere by Elfriede Jelinek
A cooperation in the context of steirischer herbst ’23


The sun speaks. Its snotty way of telling us humans off reveals that it has long ceased to be merely adorable. The air also has its say. In many voices, it argues about its changeability, its limits, and transience itself.

By means of permanent changes of perspective and her customary linguistic escapades, Nobel Prize winner Elfriede Jelinek once again turns our usual assumptions upside down. Yes, humanity has long threatened nature, but the appearance of the “goddesses” also makes us feel the power that nature possesses.

Director Emre Akal and the duo Mehmet & Kazim, whose visual art is influenced by hip hop and graffiti, create virtual worlds in a radically colorful and innovative aesthetic. Here, people try to preserve what slips through their fingers: the pristine environment, the purely human, the real encounter. What happens when nature as we know it exists only as a digital memory? And where will we find ourselves then?


26.01., 19:30
In German with English surtitels

7,50 – 61 Euro


16.03., 19.30
For the last time

In German with English surtitles
Also SUPERDAY: -30 % on tickets, online code: SUPERTAG

7,50 – 61 Euro


Director: Emre Akal

Stage and video: Mehmet & Kazim

Costumes and stage assistance: Lara Roßwag

Music: Enik

Dramaturgy: Anna-Sophia Güther